Our Story


Our Story

Long Live Family. This theme is central to the Moulé stores legacy. We celebrate family and share our story. We are a family business and we honour and celebrate all families. The story of how our lifestyle stores came to fruition is a simple and beautiful one:

“Mum went to Marrakesh in search of beauty. She found enough to fill a store. She called the store Moulé. Mum had children. They too searched for the kind of beauty that could fill a store. Now there are four stores called Moulé.”

The four Moulé stores are located in Winnipeg, Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Portland. Each store has a unique look and feel that is inspired by our family’s history as well as the surrounding culture of each location. Each item has been personally selected by us, because we love them and believe that you will love them too. The array of well-curated brands, exceptionally designed pieces, and focus on outstanding customer service is what will bring you coming back for more!

At Moulé we offer an assortment of eclectic giftware and clothing. We have created four fashion lines that are exclusive to our store: Rachel Mara, Ten62, Colter, and MIKE. Each one of these lines is created with the Moulé customer in mind.

our story