Rachel Mara Spring 2016 Collection: Desert Drifter

Rachel Mara Spring 2016

Rachel Mara Spring 2016

Image a spinning globe upon a desk. Reaching out you run your finger along the surface. Eventually the globe slows and stops, leaving you pointing to your next destination. Rachel Mara’s 2016 Spring collection embodies this sense of chance and adventure. It is truly designed for the wanderlust at heart. Each piece was created for the traveller, the adventurer, and the wanderer. Texture and pattern are the centre of this Rachel Mara collection. This season structured linen dresses and tops are juxtaposed by flowing silk maxi dresses and blouses. Patterns reminiscent of mosaic tiles and painted mandalas contrast against the stark simplicity of woven linen. This collection is bound to have a piece or two that will entice your heart and inspire you to walk a road less travelled. To find out more about Rachel Mara please visit http://www.rachelmara.com/.

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