Meet the Gorensteins

meet the Gorensteins

Meet the Gorensteins!

We want to share our family’s history with you. Why, you ask? Well, some of you may be unaware that moulé is a family owned business. So, let’s start at the beginning by introducing moulé’s founder, Beverley Gorenstein. You may recognize her from our well-known shopping bags (which are called “Bev Bags” throughout the stores).

meet the Gorensteins
The Gorenstein family

Beverley Gorenstein has always been a curator of beautiful things. From early in her life Beverley tapped into her innate ability to search and discover beauty in places where others could not. Her lust for adventure and curiosity about all things has led Bev on an adventure of a lifetime…

Beverley Gorenstein moulé
A Portrait Photograph of Beverley Gorenstein

In her early 30’s Beverley found herself driving down the streets of Winnipeg hunting for houses that were scheduled for demolition. Begging the wrecking crews to let her have a glimpse of what was inside, Beverley uncovered a treasure trove of goodies. Today if you visit Beverley’s home of almost 40 years you will see some of those oak mantels, art glass chandeliers and other treasures she saved from the landfill.

As her taste further developed and so did Beverley’s love for antiques. By her late 30’s Beverley was frequenting auctions, estate sales, and thrift stores all in an effort to educate herself on all things beautiful and of course continue to build her personal collection of treasures.

Beverley Gorenstein moulé
Beverley with her husband, Sheldon on a trip to Marrakesh.

In her 40’s after her travels through Morocco, Beverley took her skills and ambition and launched a collection of exotic woman’s apparel. By the mid 1980’s the finest boutiques across Canada represented Beverley’s moulé collection. Beverley was able to manifest her passion in her clothing collection that she created on her dining room table. The moulé collection eventually became moulé the brand. With four stores in two countries.

Michael_Class_Photo_Striped_2Rachel_class_photo_flower copyLAURIE_DARK copy

The Next Generation

Today all four of the moulé store locations are owned and managed by three of Beverley’s kids, Michael, Rachel, and Laurie. With their guidance and direction moulé has evolved into the stores you know and love. In fact, both Michael and Rachel have also gone on to create two of the store’s most popular clothing lines, Rachel Mara and MIKE.

Knowing how integral the theme of family is to moulé brand, the kids have made sure the message of togetherness, openness and love is represented at all levels of moule’s identity. You can see it on the moulé shopping bags, in their holiday campaigns, and on the walls of every store… the Gorenstein’s affinity to their family history.

moule lonsdale
Picture Gallery Wall at moulé Lonsdale


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